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bulletคอร์สฝึกภาษาอังกฤษแบบบูรณาการ Integrated English

Professional Thai Language Speaking Practicing Courses for Foreigners

Practicing via Skype as Appointment is  also available  now 


Good News

Professional Thai Language  Speaking Practice Courses 

for Executive Foreigners/Expats

Surely, working and living a happy and successful life in Thailand, public speaking and speech practicing fluently in Thai language is a needed requirement for the executives in all areas of professions.


Of course, the ability to give a long speech and public speech to communicate effectively in Thai language to the public is a charmingly crystallizing your personality.

Imagine when you present yourself to Thai people and to the public in a refined and impressive speech, how amazing to gain great appreciation and trust from them.


However, when you learn to speak Thai language in all Thai language schools in general, they help you speak in only some words and short sentences just for short communication. This would make a limitation your long-term ability to speak fluently in Thai language. Advantageously, public speaking and speech practices in Thai Language Course here would build up your highly success in your career in a long run. This course enables to fulfill your dream.


Lesson Plan of Practices: 10 periods of 3 hours a time or totally 30 hour practices per course.


1st.period of 3 hours-Vocal Physiological Practices for effective speech communication in Thai language.


2nd. Period of 3 hours: Oral Thai Pronunciations Practice for establishing a true standard of Thai language.

 Pre- Course Speech Test .


3rd Period of 3 hours: Formal and Ceremonial Speech Practices with selective scripts (1)


4th.Period of 3 hours: Formal and Ceremonial Speech Practices with selective scripts (2)


5thPeriod of 3 hours: Formal and Ceremonial Speech Practices with selective scripts (3)


6th Period of 3 hours: Building an occasional speech practices (1) 


7th Period of 3 hours: Building an occasional speech practices (2) 


8th Period of 3 hours: Building an occasional speech practices (3)


9th Period of 3 hours: Organizing and giving professional presentation and lecture speeches practices (1)


10th Period of 3 hours: Organizing and giving professional presentation and lecture speeches practices (2)

Course End

Recommendation of Achievement

In Thai Public Speaking

Registration Fee: 3,000. - Baht.or 800 US $ / 1 person

special prize

to those who register in a group of

2 persons-up to 6 persons

registration fee is available to 

 only 20,000.-Bht. or 700. US$/ 1 person


Registration is available now by following these steps:


(1) Please open your own word file in your name and copy the Registration Form below this information and fill your personal details correctly.


Please give your available of date and time as option for class schedule meeting for consideration. Certainly, you have free choice of date and time appointment mainly to be served to your convenient as priority .Your class schedule can be available 7 days a week   including official holidays, and time can be from 09.00-21.00 hour.


 (2) Please, send your registration form via e-mail to





(3) Please make a Money Transfer of registration fee directly to the Bank Account of


SCB Salaya Branch (Thai Commercial Bank)

 Saving Account No. 316 2 01013 5

ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์ สาขาศาลายา Wareeya Bhavabhutanonda

วารีญา ภวภูตานนท์ ณ มหาสารคาม

Class Location:

          Samsen Center near Samsen Train Station

             1131/4-6 Room 204-206, Turddumri Building Condo. 2nd. Floor

             Nakornchaisri Road, Dusit District,Bangkok 10300

             Tel: 02 241 3879,Fax: 02 241 3879




1)Assct.Professsor  Weeya Bhavabhutanonda


For More Details:   

                  Please contact

Line:wareeya99 / ' 09-9061-1452/ international call :66+

 daily from 09.00-21.00 hours.


Registration Form 



International Course in

Public Speaking and Speech Practices in Thai Language

For Executive Foreigners


The Wareeya Knowledge Center, Bangkok, Thailand


1. Family Name: ______________, First Name__________________ (capital letters)


 2. Designation: ______________________________________


3. Specialization: ____________________________________


4. Organization: ____________________________________


5. Mailing Address: _________________________________ ________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________ Fax: ._____________ Email: _________________


6. I have already done a Money Transfer  to Wareeya Bhavabhutanonda

dated ________________ for ___________  Bank ____________________

# (Registration Fee only)


Date of registration: __________________


My class schedule options to be considered


Time from...............o'clock to........................o'clock in a week 




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